Create a custom Featured Image box

When building a UI for adding meta data to a post in WordPress it’s always best to stick to the WordPress styling as much as possible. So, if you’re adding an image upload field to a post, it’s often a good idea to use a known UI element such as the Featured Image meta box. This especially […]

Democratising Podcasting

The WordPress Foundation is a charitable organisation founded by Matt Mullenweg to further the mission of the WordPress open source project: to democratise publishing through Open Source, GPL software. That is the opening of the WordPress Foundation’s about page and something that is always at the forefront of my mind when building WordPress products. One of those products […]

My intro slides for WordCamp Cape Town 2015

Last week was the much anticipated WordCamp Cape Town 2015, which was an undeniable success. I’m busy putting down some of my thoughts about the event and the WordPress community in South Africa in general, which I’ll publish in the next week or so, but in the mean time,, here are the slides from my intro session – The […]

Getting Started With WordPress Development

Last night I spoke at a meetup of the Cape Town PHP Group. I was speaking alongside the excellent Gareth McCumskey who was giving a run down of what we can expect in PHP 7 (we can expect a lot of awesomeness by the way – you should really check that out). My presentation for the evening was a primer on WordPress development and a guide on how to bend WordPress to your will (which would have made a way more awesome title for the talk).

Starting a New Chapter

Today is not only my 3 year anniversary of joining WooThemes, but it also marks the first day that I am no longer a full-time developer on the team. This kicks off a significant new chapter in my professional career as it will be the first time since I started working that my job will no longer be 100% focussed on writing software.

My new title at WooThemes is Community Engagement Manager.

WordPress: Check if user role exists

As part of a recent Sensei update we added some custom capabilities to the editor role, but we discovered that some people have deleted that role from the database as a way of cleaning up unused data on their sites. This meant that our add_cap() calls were causing fatal errors for these sites. Here’s how we solved this problem for ourselves.

Building a simple & beautiful documentation site

With Seriously Simple Podcasting crossing 35,000 downloads and v1.8 of the plugin being released recently it was high time that I put together complete documentation for it. After spending some time building the site that you can now find on my new docs subdomain I thought it would be valuable to share the tools I used for posterity. Here you will find the theme and plugins that I used to get my docs site up and running.