Hugh Lashbrooke

I am a long-time community builder with a focus on building strategic and high-performing teams. I have extensive experience and a passion for building high-functioning community teams and helping others to do the same.

I currently serve as Head of Community Education for the WordPress open-source project, sponsored by Automattic. In this work, I lead a team that I recruited to build and manage an education program for the WordPress community – an important part of the mission to democratise publishing. When not actively engaging with the community and developing teams, my focus is on my faith and my family.

I have extensive experience building and recruiting community teams, and I would love to help you do the same. If you would like to work with me to help build or expand your team, then I’d love to join you!

Some posts from my blog

I generally post about the art of community building, growing community teams & working in open-source. Here is a selection of posts from my blog – feel free to read, comment, subscribe & check out more.

  • Building a Well-Rounded Community Team

    Building a Well-Rounded Community Team

    If money was no object, what roles would you hire into your community team? This post looks at how I view community team roles and how those play into team structure.

  • The Five Principles of Creating Community Connections at Scale

    The Five Principles of Creating Community Connections at Scale

    I have previously written about how you can set the stage for people in your community to create connections between each other. While that post outlines a starting point – a way to initiate your community platform and get people talking – what happens down the line? As a community grows, new challenges are discovered and new solutions are needed. These five principles will set you in good stead for meeting those challenges.

  • What Makes a Good Community Leader?

    What Makes a Good Community Leader?

    Strong community leadership is important to ongoing growth. This post outlines the core principles that I believe apply to all communities and their leaders.

  • Creating Equitable Hybrid Communities

    Creating Equitable Hybrid Communities

    We’re heading deeper into a hybrid future – usually envisioned as in-person events with an online component included. While this is certainly a great way to allow for events to accommodate people who cannot attend in person, what if we could do more? What if we could build an entire community that brings people together in multi-faceted and impactful ways, regardless of where they are in the world?

  • The Three S’s of Creating Community Connections

    The Three S’s of Creating Community Connections

    I believe there are three things you can provide that will pave the way to natural, organic, and authentic connections between members of any community. So let me introduce you to the three s’s of curating community connections.

  • Building Community in a Post-COVID World

    Building Community in a Post-COVID World

    Communities have evolved a whole lot in 2020. The global COVID pandemic has changed the face of the world and the community industry has become more relevant than ever. But what’s going to happen once the pandemic subsides? What will communities look like & how will groups come together?