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Storing snippets in Gist

Gist has been around for ages as a service provided by GitHub to store and share code snippets for any language. I’ve been using it for a while, but only as a way to quickly¬†share snippets of code with people. I’ve now decided to change that a bit and make better use of the service – as a result I have added all my snippets from this blog to my Gists and I will continue to add even the smallest snippets as I develop them. So from now on whenever I work out a useful snippet of code I will add it to Gist whether I blog about it or not.

2 responses to “Storing snippets in Gist”

  1. Bryan Hoffman Avatar
    Bryan Hoffman

    Question for you… I’m thinking of moving all my snippets over to Gist, but worry a bit about ‘owning my own content.’ Do you have a concern that Gist will go away some day and all your snippets with it?

    1. Hugh Avatar

      That is the only real concern to be honest, so you need to weigh up your options and decide what’s best for you. I just like it because it’s easy and standardised, but not owning your own content is a bit of a problem. Luckily, right now, it seems that Gist isn’t going anywhere though.

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