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Developing the future of podcasting


Almost exactly a year ago I released Seriously Simple Podcasting, a podcasting plugin for WordPress that does exactly what it says on the tin – makes podcasting simple. I originally wrote the plugin for my church website because, despite the few options available for WordPress, I couldn’t find a functional and non-bloated podcasting solution anywhere.

After a number of updates to the plugin over the last 12 months, nearly 17,000 downloads and exclusively 5 star reviews on the plugin repo, the time has come for a massive overhaul of the code – the end result of which will be v2.0 of the plugin. My primary goals with v2.0 are threefold:

  • Refine/refactor the code so it is more versatile and easier to maintain
  • Make sure the plugin is fully extensible
  • Document all the things

With v2.0 of the plugin I will also start releasing extensions that will enhance the existing functionality with optional extras. While these extensions will be available for purchase for the most part, the core plugin itself will always be 100% free.

If you would like to get involved in the development of Seriously Simple Podcasting v2.0 you can check out the GitHub issues list for available tasks – feel free to add further issues and I will decide if they need to be part of v2.0 or not. Please use the release-2-0-0 branch and send any pull requests there – all contributors will be credited in the changelog.

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