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Introducing: Quick Empty Trash


WordPress plugins don’t always have to be huge new features that add loads of new functionality to your site – plugins that do one small thing are equally valuable and, if written well, can drastically enhance the usability of your website with almost no additional performance overhead.

Quick Empty Trash is one such plugin. All it does is add a single button to your WordPress dashboard, but it can still make a big difference to your workflow.

What is it?

Quick Empty Trash is a plugin that, as the name suggests, helps you empty your trash more quickly. The plugin adds an ‘Empty Trash’ button to the post list table for all your post types. Normally this button appears only when you’re viewing the list of trashed posts, but with this plugin the button appears on all statuses when there is at least one post in the trash for that post type.

The benefit this gives is that you no longer need to load the trashed posts in order to subsequently delete them all.

Who is it built for?

This plugin is built for anyone – it has no specific use case, other than speeding up your work flow when deleting posts.

Why did I build it?

At the time that I built Quick Empty Trash, my site’s dashboard was performing very badly (mostly due to the hosting I was using at the time) so loading up the trashed post list took ages. This plugin enabled me to empty my trash without waiting for that long extra page load. It may sound petty, but saving a few minutes each time you perform a fairly common task is incredibly useful.

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