Chatting on WP Round Table

Last night I had a fun time chatting about WordPress, the community and what it all means on the 100th episode of the WP Round Table podcast. I had a great time with Kyle Maurer and Jason Crawford and we spent the better part of the hour we had together talking about giving back to the WordPress community – a topic that I’m always passionate about.

You can watch the full video (about 1 hour long) right here:

Some of the video of me seems to lag a bit at times (due to the generally lower bandwidth speeds in my area), but the audio all comes through just fine.

Thanks to Kyle and Jason for having me!

2 thoughts on “Chatting on WP Round Table

  1. hi, first of all congrats for developing the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin. dunno if this is the right place 4 this comment but couldn’t find another way to contact you. i have a problem and maybe you could help me out: when i try to add the podcast feed to itunes store first it says “under review” or something and then it just gets rejected. any thoughts? txs in advance


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