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Cryptic Crossword #2

Following on from my last cryptic crossword, here’s the second one that I’ve put together. It’s worth noting that I actually made this one a little over a year ago, but never really did anything with it.

Cryptic Crossword #2

7. Endless enemy has an article in its behind (5)
8. In dire English initially, but a friend makes it perfect (7)
9. Value too obscure without nothing, but produces eggs (7)
10. British fruit at the start of yuletide (5)
12. A creep’s too confusing to work with (10)
15. Unstained, I strangely hinted (10)
18. Roughly itch with head of needle in the Scottish night (5)
19. By myself beneath hot air that I produced (5,2,3,5)
21. Prepare the morning in exclamation by folding paper (7)
22. In Xhosa, unaffected by steam bath (5)

1. Uprising goes around (10)
2. Brought back about and crouches down, we hear (5)
3. Coffee island? (4)
4. Motivate to start the engine (4,2)
5. Sense no cost without inhibition (4,4)
6. Malt with ice isn’t right for this weather (7)
11. Past time? (10)
13. See 19 across.
14. In Gypsy chic home lives a mind-reader (7)
16. A god who is strangely unbiased with no end (6)
17. Article about urge to fight (5)
20. Make directional quantity (4)

Looking for the solutions? Here they are! (image, opens in new tab)

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