Better bbPress admin icons

After recently training a client on how to use their new bbPress-powered site, I discovered that the default admin menu icons for bbPress are not very intuitive and the client found them slightly confusing, so I improved them.

Making a semi-transparent background behind opaque text in CSS

When I receive the final PSDs from a designer I invariably want to reach through my computer and slap him for making my life difficult. With very few exceptions, there will almost always be at least one design element that is frustratingly hard to achieve using HTML and CSS (no matter how easy the designer may think it will be). The new properties available in CSS3 have reduced this frustration thankfully, but from time to time there are problems that crop up.

Understanding CSS positioning

When working with CSS, I have constantly encountered one particular property that is grossly misused – the position property. If you check out the source of almost any website you will see plenty of elements with randomly defined position properties. I just thought I’d clear up some of the confusion, as understanding this property will make your life significantly easier when creating layouts.