A few Coffee Shops to work from in Cape Town

Aside from generally enjoying my job and what I do on a daily basis, I also have the added advantage of having flexible hours and being able to work wherever I want. What this translates into is that I end up working at various coffee shops around Cape Town – this is great, because it means that I get to decide on my working environment every day (and even move between different places on the same day), as well as have the opportunity to bump into a number of people that I know who I don’t usually get to see.

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I often have people asking me to recommend good places to work, so I thought I would share a few of my favourite spots here and give some quick opinions about them. All of these are in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, as that is far more local for me, and the only real requirement for them to be an option is for them to supply (usually free) wifi, so I have included some internet speed test results that are typical for an average day at each spot.

You may find it odd that I will occasionally  work at places that are not as good as others in this list, but you should never underestimate the bonus of having a variety of working locations available – sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to help you focus on getting things done.

Seattle Coffee Company, Constantia


You’ll find me here on most days for at least a couple of hours. I like Seattle because it’s close to my home, serves great coffee and has that general coffee shop buzz without being distracting. The internet is really fast, but its provided by AlwaysOn which means it isn’t free past the first 30 minutes each day – the cost is pretty low though, so that’s not a huge concern, and the speed you get is worth it when compared to other options.


There are plug points all around the place and a choice of seating from armchairs, to individual tables, bar counters and a large shared table. There are also two small tables outside the shop itself where you can get away from the coffee making noises – these are great for taking calls and meetings.

One other handy thing about Seattle include the fact that it is in Constantia Village, which means you have quick access to other shops if you need that kind of thing.

Café D’Arts


Café D’Arts is a nice a homely type coffee shop that I go to fairly frequently and have been visiting on and off for years. It is quietly tucked away in Diep River and isn’t super busy, so it gives you a nice and calm working environment. The wifi is free and, although it is not super fast, it is workable and is usually fine for taking calls online.


There are only a couple of plug points around, but there are plenty of tables both inside and outside. With a great view of the mountain and some really nice food, this is a solid option for anyone looking for a coffee shop to work in. Plus, this happened there one day:

Bootlegger, Tokai


Bootlegger is relatively new to the scene (at least in my area), but they are definitely a local favourite a they have a nice atmosphere and really good coffee. The Tokai branch is easily accessible and is well worth a visit if you’re nearby. There are  a selection of tables and bar counters inside, as well as a few tables outside along with quite a few plug points around the place. The internet is generally decent, but not as reliable as some other places (although it is free).


The staff are friendly and the food is really good. I often bump into people I know here as it is generally very busy, so if you like the background buzz of a coffee shop, then this is a great option.

The Pantry


It may be small, but The Pantry is a surprisingly nice spot for working, although I don’t think it’s the type of place I would spend an entire working day. It’s a good spot if you need to go somewhere quickly without wasting time finding parking or anything like that. There are only a few tables (as the place is very small) and only one plug point. The coffee is good and they have a selection of pastries, but no more substantial food than that. The internet is free and fast enough for general work, so it suits me just fine (usually).


I generally go to The Pantry when I only have a brief window for working before heading to another appointment (or home) as it is very useful for that kind of situation.

Woolworths Café, Constantia


Woolworths is all over the place and their cafés are pretty prevalent too, so I don’t really need to give much info here. It’s worth noting, however, that the branch in Constantia Village has 2 hours of free wifi per day and, after that, you can buy credit with AlwaysOn to continue using it. The internet speed is pretty impressive though.


The café has many tables, but only a couple of plug points and one thing that’s important to know when visiting this branch is that the mobile signal there is terrible, so if you need to use your phone for anything while you’re working, then this isn’t the best spot.

There are a couple of other places that I work at every now and again, but I generally don’t go to them very often – not for any reason other than I tend to prefer some form of familiarity with my working spaces. Here are a few of these other spots that I’ve used:

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  1. How fortunate you are to be able to work at such lovely places and enjoy good coffee and at the same time be able to be doing something’s you enjoy so much – such a bonus to have a job you love 😊

  2. Lol, I love the way you posted a pic of yourself in each review, with that ‘don’t worry about me I’m just a guy taking a selfie in a coffee shop’ look on your face 😉

  3. So rad!

    Thanks for sharing! The higher the internet speed, the higher up on my priority list 😀

  4. Seattle Coffee is the best of the lot. When I worked downtown, they were my go to place. Now in the “deep south” of Noordhoek, The Daily is a pretty great place, coffee not so much though.

  5. Hey Hugh,

    Great workshop at PHP SA 2017 – really learned a lot – so thanks for that. As a Joburger, I’ve always found the best coffee at Run Rabbit Run in Observatory, they do the roasting and everything there, you should make the trip


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