Hugh Lashbrooke

Community builder by day, tabletop game designer by night.

I create tabletop games, RPG modules, and tools for TTRPG creators.
You can find my work on & DriveThruRPG.

A few of the things you’ll find there include:

Kiwi Acres

A fully-loaded campaign setting & 10-adventure collection for Mausritter, an epic sword-and-whiskers RPG. It can be adapted into similar games like Cairn, Into the Odd & Knave.

Penguin Tale

A cosy RPG for 2 people playing as a pair of African penguins looking to build a nest, mate, lay eggs, and raise their chicks. It runs without a GM and uses the Four Points system for the action mechanics.

TTRPG Roll Tables

A WordPress plugin for creating and hosting easy online roll tables, like you see for the games on this page. The Starter Edition will always be free and the Complete Edition comes with additional features.

Corporate Onboarding

A tongue-in-cheek solo journaling game about navigating corporate bureaucracy. Heavily inspired by Office Space and based on Firelights by Fari RPGs.

Tiny Titans

An expansive and open-ended ant-themed adventure for Mausritter with warring factions and multiple locations.

Get in touch with me if you would like to collaborate on a gaming project.